STücK fuer sTÜck näHert sich dAS EichHörnchen MIX_

mixed with vinyl and much love.

used: technics MK2, e&s DJR_400 Rotary Mixer, HHb DAT_recorder.

incl. tracks&remixe by: FK twigs, Dam Mantle, locked groove, Kiasmos, ODE, VKTR, leon vYnehall, potholes, aUntie Flo, pioNal, glenn aStro, dark sky, circle traps, The Stich-Up, TALABOMAN, ygroK, FILBURT, sbtrkt °

limited edition of 50 handmade TAPE'S.

Filburt - Beside The Biz

This perfect Tune comes from a upcoming limited 5 Track 12" by different Artists @ the lovely O*RS Lable from Leipzig. Every Track is a Bomb. Out soon! Big TIP.

MH007 - Jack J: Looking Forward to You 12"

Schicke 12" vom canadischen Lable MoodHut. This one is not a limited ONE. Check out your Local Dealer.


Ein Film von Christian Petzold.

Ab 25.09.14 im KINO.

Originalton : Andreas_Mücke_Niesytka / Marco Krueger